Hi! Welcome! My name is Caitlin & I'm so glad you're here. This is the place where I speak and create and tell stories. 

Stories are important. If not only because we can learn from them, also because they offer a space to connect, understand, empathize, celebrate and authentically know others. Telling true stories breaks down barriers, encourages vulnerability, welcomes authenticity, and in turn, values people. 

A few things about my work:

1. I love the possibly random, imperfect things about you. In fact, I'll look for those things. They make you unique. They make for the real fun photos. 

2. I look for shadows, laughter and movement.

3. With photography, I dislike perfection. I want to see you as you are, and with creativity, speak the truth of who you are; of who you love - of your stories. 

4. I love taking photos because it yields an opportunity to remind you of the truth about yourselves. If done truthfully, photos graciously affirm the beauty, distinction & endearing qualities of you and your loves. While all of life is passing you by, photos allow you to stop a moment in time, and remember it. Long after the kids are feeding themselves and your wedding dress is put away.